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Spotlight on Sustainability

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As industry leaders in sustainable innovation, Staples Advantage is constantly looking for ways to help our customers run their businesses smarter and with less impact on the environment. Enabling Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

So, on behalf of Staples Advantage I would like to introduce  you to the very first edition of Vantage Point. This issue is entirely dedicated to creating and maintaining an environmentally conscious workplace. Its main aim being to inspire, provide industry insights and innovative solutions, as well as motivating professionals across the board to bring their eco-conscience  to work. Keep a look out for our ‘Simple Steps to a Sustainable Office’ and good luck in ‘greening’ your office and your organisation.

“Spotlight on Sustainability” includes the following articles:

How green are your suppliers
What to look for when selecting a supplier

The journey to green
Reconsider your buying habits for a sustainable future

Leading examples
A spotlight on partners driving positive change

Portucel, the paper pioneers
A story about a company that’s getting it right

Sustainable shipping
Footprint  reduction initiatives for mailing and shipping

Easy going
Discover how to make your choices straightforward

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